Widgets Spotify Playlist: The Dream Companion

Spotify Playlist: The Dream Companion


   Firstly, i apologize to all the Google Play, Apple Music, Youtube, etc… “Budget” music listeners that don’t got Spotify, but this will be the platform for all my playlists.

When I was in high school I used to listen to Radiohead’s “Kid A” to fall asleep, kind of a more somber and colorful substitute than white noise, television banter at a low volume, fan at a low speed, etc. So this playlist kind of surrounds the vibes that Kid A was giving off, that being…floating slowly over a beautiful mountain landscape with the sun slowly setting and sparkling up the ocean you’re on top of…yeah that’s exactly what I envision when listening to these songs. Not to say that this playlist can’t be listened to without dozing off.. aha, it’s also very suitable for a cozy night wrapped up in a linen burrito blanket, a lil incense on the table, a lil chai tea, and maybe a s/o by your side. Added that d’angelo track for that particular reason.

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