Widgets Spotify Playlist: “Autumn Nostalgia & Romance”
Nostalgia Sessions Playlist

Spotify Playlist: “Autumn Nostalgia & Romance”

This is a collaborative Spotify playlist, the playlist is for nostalgic songs that remind you of both romance and Autumn. Feel free to add on to it with your own nostalgia if you have a Spotify account! Its getting cold out there folks, time to get all wrapped up in your comfy fall attire and look forward to all the pumpkins, snow, rain, leaves, and hot cocoas you could ask for!


Songs Added (With Contributer):

(added YouTube links for those without Spotify)



Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe – Barry White : Alex Jiggs
Codex – Radiohead: Connor Morley
Say It Right – Main -Nelly Furtado: Alejandro Adame Quiroga
Fallen Leaves – Billy Talent: Alex Jiggs
Riot Van – Arctic Monkeys: Connor Morley
Monster Mash – Bobby “Boris” Pickett: Alejandro Adame Quiroga
August – Rilo KileLuis Vaughn DeJesus
November Rain: Cory Hisaoka
Feels – Calvin Harris: Matthew Massa

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