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Tom Macdonald – Dear Rappers – SINGLE

    L.A. based rapper Tom Macdonald just released a spontaneous, and rather controversial single titled: “Dear Rappers”. The song has Tom cleverly discussing the unspoken thoughts of rap/trap/hip-hop listeners: “I don’t want your Xanax bars, or your fancy foreign cars, throw your money in my face and try to tell me that its art”. When you have the majority of rap “artists” today talking about bitches, drug dealing, how much money they have, and following musical trends that are bound to die off in the next couple years, at what point will listeners stop and think to themselves: “wow, this is getting a bit redundant… why do we keep buying all of these talent-less rappers’ music when there are tons of hidden, underground talents that are making art that is vastly more thought out and thought provoking than these drug-infested acts like 21 Savage, Migos, Lil Uzi Vert, etc. All of this music is doing is enticing listeners to think drinking lean and disrespecting women is cool.” I think what Tom is discussing here is very important, and needs to stop being swept away from the hip-hop community, but in the end, acts that put their heart and soul into the art they create will always prevail, and trends will always have their expiry date.

Tom and his girlfriend Nova (Nova Rockafeller) have been working on a group for a bit now called GFBF, and recently released a single under R.P Jesus’ production, they’ve got a ton of material to be released in the near future, but for now check out their first release here:

GFBF on Facebook

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