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Rithyms Discovery: Foals – Antidotes [2008]

Who Is Foals

    Foals are an Oxford indie rock group fronted by Yannis Philippakis, who was previously the vocalist for the band “The Edmund Fitzgerald” alongside Foals’ drummer Jack Bevan. The band formed in 2005 shortly after disbanding Fitzgerald, and would begin to work on their debut release “Antidotes” with Tv On The Radio member and producer Dave Stilik, seeing its release in 2008. Antidotes sounded like a more polished and cohesive version of The Edmund Fitzgerald songs, and would set a specific sound that Foals are known for: minimal, math-rock like guitar progressions, 4×4 beats that to the untrained ear sound more difficult than they really are; Jack Bevan is notorious for that in his earlier work such as Antidotes.



    I was introduced to this band from a few drum covers that a friend of mine put together, and have since fell in love with the super creative flavour that Jack Bevan provides on this album. Unlike their newer material, Antidotes is somewhat experimental, and the themes and context of these songs seem to scatter from song to song, from the fitting opener “The French Open” that puts you in a state of wonder and excitement, to the epic “Two Steps Twice”, which is a progressive indie dance track that slowly builds until reaching a beautiful level of energy at the end of the track.  The singles “Olympic Airways” & “Red Sox Pugie” are perfect introductions for people not familiar with Foals’ work, and want to start from the beginning. I love the creativity in song structure on these songs, as all of the tracks seem to be progressive and lead to an explosion of indie rock goodness.

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