Rest in Peace Chester Bennington.

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    We had another unique voice lost today in the Rock music world yesterday. First Chris Cornell, now Chester… I think the first album I bought was Linkin Park’s “Meteora”, think I was around 13 at the time it came out. I remember being obsessed with that album, i’d listen to it daily on my cd player after school, and I still have that cd in my collection, all worn and broken into from reading the booklet and following the lyrics as i obsessed over this band. This was the beginning of my love for music in general.. Looking back now at all the lyrical content that Chester Bennington wrote in songs like Crawling, Numb, Breaking the Habit. Runaway, Easier to Run, From the Inside, Pushing Me Away, etc… most of the songs he wrote were related to his personal, inner battles he must of been fighting over the years, whereas Chris Cornell was a little more subtle and under the table about his demons. (not to compare the two musically, just an interesting contrast considering they were very close). Its been noted that their deaths were oddly similar in execution, but thats besides the point. You will be missed, and your music has been there for many millenial teens going through their pre pubescent stages of emotion. Even though I lost interest in Linkin Park after Minutes to Midnight…Hybrid Theory, Reanimation, and Meteora will always have a sentimental slot in my collection; Rest in Peace Chazychaz.

“It’s easier to run
Replacing this pain with something numb
It’s so much easier to go
Than face all this pain here all alone”

What are some of your favourite memories surrounding Linkin Park? I know this band helped a lot of people throughout their teenage years (Millenials, mostly). Their subject matter, although sometimes depressing, was also very healing to many in times of social struggle, whether it be with friends, relationships, or family matters.