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Protomatyr – Relatives In Descent – Album Discovery

Who Is Protomatyr?

    Protomatyr is a post-punk, Detroit bred band that are quite new to the scene, forming in 2008. The frontman/vocalist Joe Casey uses a baritone in his voice similar to other U.K. acts like Joy Division or Nick Cave. They’ve released a collection of material since 08, starting off with “No Passion All Technique” in 2012 under Urinal Cake Records, and most recently “Relatives In Descent” under Domino Records (Arctic Monkeys’ label). The band has seen success around their area in the states, and are quickly growing numbers with Relatives.


My dad told me this was album of the year for him, so naturally I had to check Protomatyr out; I had no idea who they were. Upon first listen of “Relatives In Descent”, I knew I was in for an eccentric wall of sound. With the opener track “A Private Understanding” I was instantly reminded of the melancholic sorrow that you get from a The National or Interpol record, mixed with that classic Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen UK post-punk flavour that is very prominent in Joe Casey’s voice. This album seems to deal with a whole plethora of ideas, a collage of thoughts if you will, all centered around the political fear that 2017 has given to us, a very relevant, yet picasso like painting the band has painted for us on this album. Coming in at 12 tracks, this album certainly does not out stay its welcome, it leaves you wanting more by the last track, with its hard hitting, grungy & distorted guitars, complicated and intriguing drum patterns, this is definitely not an album you should miss if you’re into the post-punk scene. Songs like “Windsor Hum” feature these filthy bass riffs that take you right to an Unknown Pleasures type of world. These guys are making a big wave in the grunge/punk genre and from Relatives In Descent, its hard to look away.

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