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    I haven’t dabbled much into the garage-rock scene, but if you’re into the psych/lo-fi garage rock sound then you’ve probably already discovered these guys as they’ve been around since ’97; they’re news to me. Thee Oh Sees (or just “Oh Sees” lately) are a garage-rock band hailing from San Francisco, California, fronted by Guitarist and Pianist John Dwyer. Since their beginning in 1997, the band has been through a ton of different members, leaving John to be the only core member throughout the band’s timeline. On their 2017 release “Orc”, notorious garage-rock prince Ty Segall provided a helping hand in the production and engineering of this project. This album is in a way, a follow-up to the themes and sounds on their album before Orc, titled: “A Weird Exits”

John Dwyer with a magnificent translucent guitar, courtesy of Stereogum.

For those of you in Vancouver, BC, “Oh Sees” will be playing a show at the commodore if this article helped spark your interest in the band, and I’m going to attempt to get some tickets as well. Heres a link to the tickets if you’re around on September 24th: Thee Oh Sees @ Commodore Ballroom


I guess what got me listening to this was the aesthetics of the album, I’m big into fantasy, so the whole “Orc” theme I thought was a really cool way to approach a concept within their psychedelic garage-rock sounds. This album is short and sweet, being only 10 tracks long, and pulls you in immediately on the abrasive, punk fused opener “The Static God” which I think was the single off this project? Either way, the electrifying high pitched guitar riffs mixed with the driving, smothered bass-line and compressed, aggressive drums make the listener engaged in this chaotic world from the get-go. I’ve got to give props to the two drummers in Oh Sees, Dan Rincon, and the newest member of the band, Paul Quattron, I haven’t heard their work on earlier projects, but from this album I can see just how creative and innovative their patterns are, even if they are just a bunch of 4×4 beats. I threw this album on the other day while I was practicing drums because it was right up my alley in play-style, and made a small drum cover for the playful and melancholic “Cooling Tower”:

So I’m still trying to digest everything that’s going on in this album, but from a few listens I know I should be checking out their earlier work, and was wondering, what is your guys’ favourite project from Thee Oh Sees, or to make a more broader discussion, what are some of the best albums in the garage/psych/stoner-rock scene? I’d love to check them out and do some more discoveries in the future, just leave a comment down below 🙂

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  • Len
    September 29, 2017 at 2:12 pm

    Cooling Tower is a great song and I like your drumming. Just wanted to do the same song because I am drumming also…
    You should listen to their album A Weird Exits, its great also!