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Miley Cyrus – Younger Now [2017] – Album Review

    Miley Cyrus’ has had a vast musical evolution throughout her entire life… Drastically changing her style, influences, and general music direction throughout her years as a musician. Younger Now is no exception in diversity.

    I actually really enjoyed the eccentric, experimental Miley in her last project “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz”, it was a change similar to Kanye’s Yeezus, an experimental album snuck into a mainstream environment. Just goes to show that once you’re at that level of fame, you can really make anything you want. She pulled a lot of influences from M.I.A. , at least for me anyway. She was also smoking a looooot of weed, and It’s very apparent in Dead Petz. It seems she’s given the weed a break, and has started going back to her roots, this is probably due a mix of her rekindling with her now fiancé Liam Hemsworth, and remembering where she came from; what the true Miley is all about.

Younger Now starts off strong with a song perfectly introducing the new, but old Miley. You immediately notice that superb, clean, easy listening production that was not the case in the last two albums. “Younger Now” is an incredibly uplifting track that has that southern pop blend that Miley has been known for being very comfortable in. Miley is embracing her past experiences and remembering that it was those experiences that made her the person she is today; solid track overall. Next, we are brilliantly transitioned to the debut single off this album: “Malibu”. This song was everywhere, and Miley did an amazing job at promoting her new look, and sound with this song. She went on nearly every talk show to promote and play the song, as well as radio shows and the like. This song is about her fiancé Liam, and how she needed to change, and get back to her roots, only then could she consider getting back together with him. She talks about the home she lives in, in the chorus: “But here I am, next to you, the sky’s more blue in Malibu.

Miley has this amazingly decorated studio, that she calls “Rainbow Land“. This track is about her inspiration and happiness that she receives when making music at Rainbow Land. It features a lovely duet with Dolly Parton that blesses this song with that country goodness. Actually really enjoyed this track, it has a lot of folk influence, and the sound works perfectly for Miley’s range. Week Without You” has a bit of a Kings of Leon feel for me, particularly the song “Beautiful War” in terms of the rhythm and direction of the song. I really enjoyed the piano licks that appear at the second half of this song, gives me chills on every listen. “Miss You So Much” is a beautiful acoustic tune about how if someone you love dies, they become a part of who you are in the present, I can personally relate to this recently, and it brought a lot of emotion in for me, this is probably my favourite song on the album just for the lyrics alone.


“I Would Die For You” is another song about Miley’s deep and passionate love for Liam. I like the twangy acoustics on this track, and really liked this lyric in particular:

But I see trees and their coloured leaves

When I think about all that we could be

The song that really stuck out for me upon first lesson, was the punchy, in your face “Thinkin'”. Miley stated that she made this song in a dream of hers. Not sure if that means that she literally started from scratch and made an entire song in her dream, or that the emotion and feeling is what she heard. Either way, I loved the instrumental on this one, very unique and interesting bass line, the chorus is a bit early Britney Spears esque cheesy, but hey It’s a fun track, didn’t mind it.

The next two tracks “Bad Mood” and “Love Someone” are my least favourite on the album. Miley discusses how she used to “Wake up in a Bad Mood”, with a very boring instrumental, with typical “wooooos” that are prominent in band such as Imagine Dragons, not my cup of tea instrumentally, but Miley does provide some excellent vocals at the ending of the track. Love Someone is no better in terms of cheesiness, the chorus is on some 90s boy/girl band fused with country-pop vibes.

The last two tracks show amazing quality in Miley’s song writing abilities. She discusses pansexuality and her past experiences with dating a woman in “She’s Not Him”. This is a topic that has not displayed in mainstream music, and yet is a very relevant subject in today’s society. In She’s Not Him, her eventual return to Liam does not negate her relationship with a woman. The finale of the album is another single that Miley used to promote the album, “Inspired” is a song about remembering what truly inspires you to be the person you are today. In Miley’s case for instance, she looks at her dad Billy, and the memories she shares with him, and how he impacted her musical career and engraved it into her soul. Such a beautiful ending to a very personal Miley Cyrus, this album perfectly encapsulates the person Miley is when peeled away from her outer inspirations, and gives you inspiration to find your true self, and what it is you want to be in this life.

Younger Now: 8.5/10

Favourite Tracks:
Younger Now, Malibu, She’s Not Him, Inspired, Thinkin’

Least Favourite Tracks:
Bad Mood, Love Someone

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