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Rithyms Discovery: Massive Attack – Remix [1999]



Massive Attack are a Bristol bred trip-hop group that formed in 1988. The artists Robert “3d” Del Naja, Grant “Daddy G” Marshall, and Andy “Mushroom” Vowles all came together to create Massive Attack’s debut album “Blue Lines” which was released in 1991. This album sky-rocketed them to fame with the chart topping single “Unfinished Sympathy”. They often feature UK hip hop artists and Soul singers such as Tricky to help them create the universe that their music is centered around.

Here’s some more info of their history from their Wikipedia page:

In the nineties, the trio became known for often not being able to easily get along with one another and working increasingly separately. Andy Vowles (Mushroom), who had once thought of himself as the trio’s musical director, acrimoniously left Massive Attack in late 1999, after an ultimatum from the other two members to end the group immediately if he did not. Despite having taken Del Naja’s side in the effective firing of Vowles and then participating in a show-of-unity webcast as a duo the following year, Grant Marshall (G) had also effectively left by 2001 in that he abandoned the studio altogether. Marshall returned to a studio role in 2005, having joined the touring line-up in 2003 and 2004.


Upon first listen of this album I was instantly taken back to the first time hearing “Blue Lines”, Blue Lines is a classic trip-hop album with elements of jazz, uk voiced hip-hop, soul, industrial, etc. Although this record isn’t an album in concept, it certainly carries a theme throughout all of these remixes and is fluid enough to play through like an album. I purchased “Remix” at a Vancouver hip hop record store called “Beatstreet Records“, and had to buy this as I never knew it existed; at first I thought it was an alternate cover art for Blue Lines (they look super similar). The first couple songs “I Want You” by Madonna. and “Mysterious Ways” by U2 are exactly what I thought they would be, the trio’s trip-hop take on these classics, adding dirty industrial drums and symphonic strings, virtually teleporting the listener to a grimy night in London. This album manages to fuse a 90’s UK underground vibe to these collection of rock, soul, pop, etc. sounds, and it has great replay value for kicking back and reminiscing on the 90s Uk grunge, trip hop era. Bands like Portishead and UNKLE spring to mind in terms of these guys’ influences.

Here’s “Blue Lines” if you haven’t listened to it already, highly suggested before checking out this remix compilation:

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