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Kasabian – Kasabian [2004] – Album Discovery

Who Is Kasabian?

    Kasabian is a UK arena rock band that can be compared to the likes of the Stone Roses and Oasis, except Kasabian fuses synths and electronica influences in a lot of their songs, especially in their latest projects which focus a lot more on the electronic sound. They are fronted by vocalist Tom Meighan, and guitarist and vocalist Sergio Pizzorno, who both have very iconic and distinguishable voices that let you know its indeed Kasabian playing. They formed in 1997, had a few years to develop their sound, and eventually released their debut, self titled album.


This one isn’t exactly a discovery as I grew up with this album, but I thought it’d be nice to reminisce on the brilliance of it. From the start to finish, this album just keeps getting more and more interesting, starting off the badass “Club Foot“, that has one of the most catchiest bass lines I’ve ever heard, topped off with the “ah-aha-aha”‘s that are sure to be stuck in your head all day after first listen. The synths come in near the back end of “Processed Beats” and songs like “I.D.”, and “Running Battle“, and add a really unique element to the band’s UK arena rock sound. This album could also easily be a perfect soundtrack for a heist, or a robbery, (if you’re into that sort of thing, please don’t be though), as songs like “Butcher Blues” virtually make you feel like you’re wearing a balaclava, stuffed in the back of a van ready to get the gold… or whatever.  To me, this is Kasabian’s best work, as they didn’t have any sort of ego riding them, they were just laying down a sound that they had been fine tuning for several years, and you can tell that these songs had been their babies for awhile, the song “I.D.” is all about Sergio and Tom’s deep love for music, “Music is my, my love”. If you’ve heard a couple of their singles, or haven’t heard of Kasabian at all, I strongly suggest trying out this debut of theirs, in my opinion it’s one of the better rock albums of the 00s.

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