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Did Migos’ Culture II Kill Trap Music?

The “legendary” Atlanta trap trio have been RELENTLESS ever since their breakout album Culture dropped last year.

    Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff a.k.a. “Migos”, or “The Migos” if you’re a 40 y/o dad, have been in the studio waaay too much lately, releasing side projects collaborating with other artists and producers (i.e. Without Warning; Huncho Jack), they’re hopping on countless features, and most recently they’ve come out with a plethora of quantity-over-quality tracks on the compilation album with record label Quality Control: “Quality Control: Control The Streets” which is pretty much just another Migos album, with a whopping 30 redundant trap tracks that have more ad-libs than bars. The whole repeating or responding to every last word of a bar was a nice, refreshing sound back in 2017 on the first Culture, but after this saturation of Migos music and the monotony of lyricism that they provide on every track they appear on, it was really hard to come into Culture 2 with optimism.

I’m not the biggest fan of trap, but I like a good trap song here and there to break up the usual boom-bap, conscious hip-hop I usually listen to. But with everything else in life, moderation is key, and I don’t think the word “moderation” is in Migos’ vocabulary, clearly the word “money” is more important to these boys. Since 2017 was also a big year of music for BROCKHAMPTON, lets compare the two. Both bands have released a ton of music last year, with Brockhampton intentionally saturating the hip hop scene with their three back to back albums titled “Saturation”. Clearly there was an intent to push out music and overwhelm the music world, but at least with Brockhampton there was a ton of diversity in MC’s and production, making each track feel fresh and new. Now look at where Migos are at now in their careers. After a saturated amount of trap in 2017 led by the trio, we are in 2018 and have Culture 2 out. Just when you thought you had enough of the endless triplets and scattering high hats, we get an hour and 45 minutes of the same shit you’ve already been listening to for a year now. The length of the project isn’t even the worst part about it, no, we have to listen to the same flows and ad-libs throughout these 24 tracks with the small sliver of hope that maybe they decided to switch it up for 2018, you know, for the culture!

    Now, Culture II wasn’t completely trash, there was definitely a few fresh sounding tracks like “Stirfry” and “BBO”, but for the rest of these tracks, and if you’ve heard it you can only agree, its nothing but what you’ve come to expect from these guys. This album got me thinking: maybe this album really is necessary for the culture…to end this era of trap music. How many more albums can these guys come out with until we realize that we are getting sold a product that we’ve already been consuming for the past couple years? How many ad-libs do we got to hear until we say to ourselves “okay time to listen to something with a little more diversity”? Music moves in waves, especially in the hip-hop world, and I think that Culture II just transitioned the community into realizing that we need a new sub-genre to obsess over…I don’t know about you guys, but this album killed trap music for me. I suppose then, that it really was for the culture, or rather to kill the culture that they cultivated so that others can strive. Surely Migos are going to want some more money after this one, like they always will, but who’s going to buy in a year from now if this is all they can deliver?

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