Widgets “Deer Tick” Releases Two Full Length Albums: “Deer Tick Vol. 1 & Vol. 2”
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“Deer Tick” Releases Two Full Length Albums: “Deer Tick Vol. 1 & Vol. 2”

 Deer Tick is an indie-folk band from Rhode Island, fronted by John Joseph McCauley (who happens to be married to Vanessa Carleton). The band has released 5 albums under Partisian Records before these two, and have been melting hearts with their country influenced indie-folk sound, fused with plenty of horn and string arrangements and John’s vocals that remind me a lot of 90s grunge singers (i.e. Billy Corgan, Kurt Cobain). Deer Tick loves to play covers, and usually has a couple covers throughout their live sets, at one point the band were doing full Nirvana cover sets under the name “Deervana”, and you can definitely hear subtle Nirvana influence in their songs, definitely in John’s vocals.

September 15th, 2017, Deer Tick hit the scene with 20 songs split into two on their self titled latest projects Vol.1 and Vol.2. This is my introduction to Deer Tick, and was immediately intrigued with McCauley’s  passionate and straining vocals on the first track on Vol. 1 “Sea of Clouds”, sounds like something out of Siamese Dream, if Smashing Pumpkins were a folk band. Also reminded me a lot of Neutral Milk Hotel’s Jeff Magnum with his abrasive and heavily stretched vocal notes, except Deer Tick keeps it a bit more traditional to folk standards. In short, these two projects have a heavy country feel with harmonicas chirping, pianos and banjos driving the ballads, and consistent, passionate vocals from McCauley. Definitely give these two albums a listen if you’re into indie-folk and/or grunge music. Here’s “Sea of Clouds” in video form:

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