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Collie Buddz – Good Life [Reggae-Fusion] – ALBUM REVIEW by: Nicolas Gregoire

Collie Buddz is back…… I speak for myself and every single CB fan when I say BRRAAA!. Thank you Collie for gracing us again with another album, it’s been way too long.

Born in New Orleans and raised in Bermuda Collie Buddz (Colin Harper) is an American-Caribbean dancehall/reggae artist whose stage name “Buddz” represents his affinity for marijuana and it’s influence (preach dawga). Refining his musical knowledge and skills at Full Sail University’s sound engineering program, he got to work soon after, scoring a feature alongside Jamaican dance hall artist Sizzla on Shaggy’s Intoxication album on the track  “Mad Mad World.” His debut album came out soon after, blowing up big in the Caribbean, where hits such as “Come Around”, and his biggest track to date, “Mamacita”, blazed out Trinbagonian secondary school discos and got most guys going through puberty, and I quote, “the dance of a lifetime.”



With “Good Life” being his first full-length album in 10 years, I must admit, (as we say in my beloved home country when things of quality and substance are discovered), “he come out real hard.” The album opens with Control” which brings back that nostalgic contemporary- reggae vibes that we all missed so much combined with vulnerable storytelling on his perspective of life, building that bridge of connection to the artist.


It’s crazy to find an album that just gets better and better as it progresses.  Track number 5 and the theme on which the album is based, “Good Life,” reflects on looking at the positives in life , and that no matter how stressful we become, we can always rely on a good drink, smoke and relations to lift us up again and keep on pushing forward.

Good Life

Next up is “I Got You,” which I must say is one of my favourite tracks on the album. Such a smooth arrangement of the instruments with a keyboard melody that’s guaranteed to fetch you a dam good dance with your crush after you initiate. As the Jamaicans say, “Nuff said.”

I Got You

Helping out brethrens and sistrins worldwide with intimacy talk, this next track, and my second favourite on the album features a little male-female interplay with help from Kreesha Turner, who leaves little to the imagination on what she wants to be done to her. With a strong, solid pop stlye instrumental backing combined with pop style vocal flows where every section is clearly defined,“Used To” hits the speakers so hard it throws me back to my mixed martial arts days where you were guaranteed to “collect a licking”

Used To


Rating: 5/5
“Good Life”
 is such a strong compilation of songs it makes one wonder why the f*@# hasn’t Collie dropped a full length in over a decade, but he certainly makes up for it with this project. With strong vocal flows and lyrical content couped with dynamic, ever changing instrumentals we came to love Collie Buddz for when he debuted, I am sure as hell looking forward to his next project and hearing what he will do next. Good to have you back Collie we missed you.

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