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WHO IS clipping.?

    Clipping. is an experimental hip-hop group consisting of rapper Daveed Diggs and producers William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes. The group uses non-traditional samples to test the listeners, such as a simple alarm clock going off as the beat (In the song “Get Up”), or literally just static white noise (On the Intro track). Diggs and Hutson met in grade school, and Hutson and Snipes, the producers, met later in college as roommates and it was there, clipping. was born. 


    Coming from other experimental hip-hop groups that I’ve been listening to, Clipping definitely wasn’t as hard to get into as bands such as Death Grips were, with MC Ride yelling at you 24/7. Instead, in this clipping. album, we have a rapper with unbelievable flow control rapping over some very unique, industrial beats. Right away, your ears are hit with an extremely annoying, high pitched production, with a solo frequency taking up the entire track, while Daveed spits incredibly fast, and even though the production its literally hard on the ears, the rapping sort of makes it listenable. I love how Daveed raps, but the subject matter he talks about seems very out of place. On the in your face, terribly written track “Tonight”, Daveed uses some of the most cringe lyrics I’ve ever heard in my life. Lets look at the hook of this song: “Cause there’s bad ones all around, and you ain’t pulled your one yet, If you ain’t locked it down by now, then it’s time to figure out who fuckin’ tonight”. There’s a lot of thought provoking, story telling lyrics in the album in songs like “Story 2”, where Daveed raps over a constantly changing beat, in which he changes his flow to match each beat, but for the most part this album is as messy as the production makes it sound in terms of concept. I was fascinated by how somehow was able to rap over such an eccentric and unpredictable atmosphere, and it makes for a very fun and engaging listen. If you’re into rappers who spit fast and technically, and want something new and unique, try out “CLPPNG”, and try to just enjoy it for the art rather than the lyrical content, because you’re not going to get much out of it from a lyrical standpoint. Here’s the single off the album “work work”.

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