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Björk – Debut – Artist Spotlight & Album Discovery

Who Is Björk?

Bjork Guðmundsdóttir is an Icelandic musical goddess born in the capital Reykjavík.

    She started her music career in a band called The Sugarcubes. Really, she needs no introduction as she has carved her own distinct lane into the mainstream with amazing singles like “It’s Oh So Quiet” and “All Is Full of Love“. Her music is absolutely timeless and incredibly ahead of it’s time, she incorporates so many influences of music into her work ranging from electronic 80s sounding dance music in her earlier work to industrial, heavy hitting tones in songs such as “Army of Me“.



Björk is one of those artists that I had always appreciated, but had never sat down and listened to a full album of hers. I recently got into meditation and had stumbled on Björk’s album Vespertine. I instantly fell in love with this album for its raw emotional feeling, mixed with experimental electronic landscapes that were perfect for post meditation relaxing. I became intrigued by her music and wanted to explore her discography, so I turned her first album “Debut” on. Reading about the album, I found out that this was her departure project from her former band “The Sugarcubes”, so Debut was a very fitting name, of course. This album is very different from Vespertine, immediately displayed on the first track “Human Behaviour”  which is a very funky and in your face intro to the album. I knew here I was in for a treat, as I really loved this style meshed with Björk’s eccentric, and emotional vocals. The majority of this album follows that similar vibe, very dancey, yet experimental and way ahead of its time. I wish I had heard this album when it first came out, because it must have blown the music industry and listeners away with how creative it was. The last song features a solo saxophone lead throughout the duration of the track, a very classy outro for the album, it reminded me of “Life in a Glasshouse”, the song at the end of Amnesiac by Radiohead. I’m very excited with this new discovery, even though she has been around forever, these albums of hers showcase just how versatile and genius of an artist she is, with zero ego involved; beautiful Human Behaviour.


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