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Big Troubles – Worry [2010] – Vinyl Discovery

Who are Big Troubles?

Big Troubles (not to be mistaken by 80’s one hit wonder group under the name “Big Trouble”) are an indie fuzz rock band located in Ridgewood, New Jersey. The band’s debut “Worry” was released in August 2010, and since then they have upped their production on their latest album “Romantic Comedy”. The band is fronted by two vocalists (Alex Craig and Ian Drennan), adding a unique dynamic in vocal range. Below is a newer single off their latest “Romantic Comedy”.


I picked this album up at my local record store (Audiopile on Commercial Drive, Vancouver B.C.) along with the Lee Gamble album I discussed in the last discovery. Upon first listen of this I was distracted by how hard it is to hear the drums, the production, although intentionally noisy and static, is very distracting and It’s hard to hear anything but the extremely distorted guitars…but I suppose that’s the point with noise/fuzz records such as “Worry”. I mean there’s so much white noise going on that you really have to sit down and try to hear what the band is doing. Within all of this noise however, is a dreamy/tripped-out blend of The Strokes’ indie-rock lo-fi (specifically their album “This Is It” which also has that noisy, recorded-in-your-basement backdrop), and vocals at times reminiscent of the angsty, 90s grunge of Smashing Pumpkins. As the noise and album art display a sense of clutter and claustrophobia, this album complimentarily deals with a general theme of worrying (as the name implies) and anxieties that the band has faced. The production reminded me of the cult-classic by Neutral Milk Hotel “In the Aeroplane Over The Sea” , but what this album doesn’t seem to have that Neutral did, is variety within all the static. The entire album seems to have the same general shoe-gazy indie type vibe, and although the production makes the listen intriguing, it’s mostly just annoying and hard to get into and it seems like you’re listening to one long indie song if you aren’t paying attention. After a few good listens, I could definitely see myself playing this again, just one of those records that you need to digest with open arms.

Big Troubles has “Worry” and a few newer singles on their bandcamp, click here to take a listen!


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