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Oddisee – The Iceberg – ALBUM DISCOVERY

Who is Oddisee?

Amir Mohamed el Khalifa (Oddisee) is an american rapper/producer originating from Washington, DC. Before his newest, 2017 release “The Iceberg”, Oddisee has released a massive arsenal of music, including 10 mixtapes, 4 EPs, and 11 studio albums. His subject matter is everything but the mainstream topics: drugs, women, violence, and instead Oddisee found inspiration from artists like De La Soul, Rakim, and Tribe Called Quest who approach rap in a more intellectual manner like himself. “The Iceberg” is a direct follow up to Oddisee’s last project “The Good Fight” and has received very good reviews and reception since its release; Metacritic has it an average of 80%.


This was my first introduction to Oddisee, and I had no idea what I was getting into, at first I got a mix of Joey Badass and J Cole with his cadence/flow (if we’re comparing to more popular mc’s) but after sifting through the album I got more and more of his originality and flavour. The production in this album is fantastic, most of the songs feature live band instrumentation, lots of tight/clean drums and smooth/catchy bass lines on each track. Love the hints of trap with the hi hats and deep sub bass on the track “Like Really“, his rhythmic ability on all of these tracks mixed with his expansive/barely any cuss-words or profanity is where Oddisee really stands out as a rapper, but is also a sad reason why he isn’t as popular as he should be. I guess the mainstream just loves songs that encourage abusing drugs and disrespecting woman; how profound. I actually found out about Oddisee through a Dead End Hip Hop review, and they explain the album more thoroughly here

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