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ALBUM DISCOVERY (By: Nicolas Gregoire) Anderson .Paak – Malibu

Who Is Anderson .Paak? 

Hailing from the suburbs of Ventura County, California, Anderson .Paak is a grammy nominated neo soul, funk musician whose style reminisces a modern day james brown dipped in 2017 swag.  His latest album Malibu is like a well cooked stew, comprising of laid back, head-nodding soul and funk feels layered with smooth r&b, hip/hop flows. Topped off with some metaphorical wordplay, Malibu is one of those perfectly baked cheesecakes you find every once in a while. 


I found Anderson’s album the way a lot of people seem to be discovering new music nowadays; on the youtube sidebar channel. What I like a lot about this project is that each instrument plays its part perfectly. The drums and bass lines groove in and out of each other, providing strong foundation that Paak exploits with his free flowing vocals; weaving in and out of the arrangements and with some smooth ass harmonies to add. A good example is the song Lightweight featuring The Free Nationals United Fellowship Choir who add such buttery harmonies to Paak’s vocals that it’s hard to not digest it even if you’re a vegan living on main street, Vancouver.  

On Am I Wrong one can hear the Michael Jackson influence on Paak’s musicality with popping basslines, animated horn sections and a soft synth breakdown providing a slowed backing for Schoolboy Q to spit his quick trademark flow over.

Come Down, which is probably my favourite song on the album is an upbeat tune that makes you regret not taking that hip hop dance class you passed on. Paak’s vocal flows drip with so much swag and groove, over a funky interplay from the drums, guitar and bass. As a straight, committed man, I never felt the inclination to twerk it out like a Future music video vixen…until I heard this song. Definitely the most hype tune on the album. 

Rating: Although there’s room for improvement when it comes to his storytelling, Paak does such a good job on this album that I have to give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars overall. Everybody recognizes quality, organic music, and that’s exactly what Malibu comes across as. Radio definitely need’s to incorporate more Malibu into its streaming, especially due to the lack of organic feels records that we desperately miss nowadays where everything sounds the same.


Nicolas Gregoire

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