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With “Rithyms” I first started to ask myself “what can I do with a music blog that doesn’t exclusively pertain to my musical interests?” and “how can I reach out to both local and global upcoming artists and showcase what they have to offer, but also branch out and talk about the music scene as a whole?”

I was flipping through random Spotify playlists, going to local record stores, reading music related newspapers, andsearching things like “how to make a successful music blog”, and then this idea of spontaneity just clicked. Why don’t I just put on a virtual blindfold and review an album that I have no idea about?

Now, I do love the music that i have surrounded myself with growing up, and will continue to discuss the music I already know about on this blog, but the main focus is to find new music that I would’ve otherwise never have thought to pick up and listen to, going through any and every genre that this world has to offer.

The goal here is to connect and introduce my audience to music you may have never heard before, and also to promote the artists and get their music heard to anyone with an open mind (or ears, i should say). So I hope you enjoy my exploration in the massive, ever-growing world of music!


Connor Morley
Founder of Rithyms


Nicolas Gregoire

    “As an audio engineer by trade, I started really listening to music from the age of 14, when my brain would hear a song I’d emotionally connect with and try to explain what the hell was going on. Thank you puberty. Life has a funny way of giving you experiences in things while simultaneously preparing you for the next step down the road. And I’ve been fortunate to have had the support and opportunities to pursue and make a living from what I’ve been so passionate about as a kid, serving the community that has supported me in exchange.  In regards to taste, I’ve

been a pop lover ever since I can remember listening to my grandfathers early Michael Jackson and Louis Armstrong records, fostering a love for great composition and quality storytelling lyrics and flows. As a Gemini, I find myself having an attraction to constant variety and change to life in general, and in music it’s the quality arrangements where each section has a character of its own, breathing life organically into entire songs and the journeys they carry you on.

In contributing to, I hope to share with others something I have dedicated my life to in hopes of encouraging collaboration among all lovers of music in as many capacities as possible.”